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 Duelist Pack: Nac Merfield

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PostSubject: Duelist Pack: Nac Merfield   Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:18 pm


Cover Card: Morphtronic Musicbox

-The set features cards that used by the Yu-Gi-Oh! Shadow Destiny anime Character Nac Merfield, including more then 3 New Brand card
-Reprint Card from old expansion like Morphtronic Boarden And morphtronic Boomboxen in super rare.

Card list:
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Accelerator (Rare)
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Bind
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Boarden (Super Rare)
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Boomboxen ( Super Rare)
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Cameran
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Celfon (Rare)
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Cleanen
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Clocken
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Datatron
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Magnen
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Magnen Bar
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Radion (Super Rare)
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Remoten (Rare)
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Scopen (Super Rare)
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Slingen
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Videon (Rare)
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Musicbox (Ultra Rare) "New"
DPNM-EN Double Tool C&D (Ultra Rare)
DPNM-EN Double Tool A&B (Rare)"New"
DPNM-EN Morphtronic Gamegadget (Super Rare) "New"

not finished
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PostSubject: Re: Duelist Pack: Nac Merfield   Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:36 pm

sertakan efek custom cardnya gun (gan)


...And then we begin from zero again...
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Tolong bantu klik pet saya ya Sad

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Duelist Pack: Nac Merfield
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