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 The Flame King Legacy : Tulang, Kenangan, dan Pembakaran

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PostSubject: The Flame King Legacy : Tulang, Kenangan, dan Pembakaran   Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:20 pm

Monster 20
2|Wb01|Supersonic Skull Flame
3|Wb01|Skull Flame
3|Wb01|Burning Skull Head
2|Csoc|Goka, The Pyre of Malice
2|Sdzw|Zombie Master
3|Sdzw|Pyramid Turtle
2|Ptdn|Goblin Zombie
1|Csoc|Plaguespreader Zombie
1|Csocsp|Rose, Warrior of Revenge

Spell 11
1|Sye|Mystical Space Typhoon
1|Mrd|Heavy Storm
1|Sdrl|Brain Control
2|Sdzw|Creature Swap
2|Sdzw|Call of the Mummy
1|Mfc|Mass Driver
2|Sdzw|Book of Life

Trap 9
3|Sd8|Reckless Greed
1|Cp01|Threatening Roar
1|Mrd|Mirror Force
1|Crv|Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai
1|Sd4|Torrential Tribute
1|Sdrl|Call Of The Haunted
1|Cp01|Solemn Judgment

Extra 15
1|Tdgs|Stardust Dragon
1|Tdgs|Red Dragon Archfiend
1|Csoc|Black Rose Dragon
1|5ds1|Colossal Fighter
1|Tdgs|Goyo Guardian
1|Csoc|Iron Chain Dragon
1|Tdgs|Thought Ruler Archfiend
1|5ds2|X-Saber Urbellum
1|Csoc|Doomkaiser Dragon
1|Crms|Blackwing Armor Master
1|Rgbt|Blackwing Armed Wing
1|Tdgs|Magical Android
1|Ha01|Mist Wurm
1|Ha01|Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1|Ha01|Ally of Justice Catastor

Ngiseng project lama yang gak jadi karena susahnya nyari para tengkorak.
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The Flame King Legacy : Tulang, Kenangan, dan Pembakaran
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